Moen Breaks Ground on New Expansion

Moen manufactures it’s products in plants located in New Bern and Sanford, among others, and sends those appliances to Kinston for distribution around the globe.

With the planned $15.9 million expansion, the company will add roughly 150,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space to it’s Kinston operation.

“This expansion and the jobs that come with it will secure the ability to deliver Moen’s growth over the years to come,” Jeff Swartz, senior vice president of operations at Moen Inc., said. “We continue to be impressed with the quality of the work base here on a daily basis.”

Troy Pedersen, manager of Kinston’s Moen plant, said the expansion to his facility will add roughly 35 jobs for Lenoir County residents at the plant over the next five years.

“This is a local community operation and we will continue to bring in local employees,” he said. “That’s what has made us successful here for almost 30 years now.”

Moen has been in Kinston since 1987. When deciding where to expand it’s operations, the company considered locations in Las Vegas and Atlanta before deciding on Kinston.

“We are always focused on providing world class services to all of our areas. The proximity of this facility to our facilities in New Bern and Sanford allows us to elevate that service,” Pedersen said.

Kinston Mayor BJ Murphy called the plant a “big win” for the city.

“The only way an expansion like this happens is because of the employees,” he said. “It’s because of you all that a brand as big as Moen would consider investing here.”

The expanded facility is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2017.

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