Barnet Visits South Lenoir High School

Mr. Jonathan Grant, Process Engineer for William Barnet & Son1

Mr. Jonathan Grant, Process Engineer for William Barnet & Sons, presented students at South Lenoir High School with information regarding employment opportunities at Barnet. He displayed and discussed the many products that Barnet manufactures at the Kinston facility located on Hwy 258 North. He shared with students many of the products and fibers that are used to make Protective Fire Gear, Military Personal Protective Equipment, Concrete Strengthening Fibers, Air Filtering Fibers, and Rope designed for Rescue Rigging. He also expressed the need for students that may be potential employees to develop soft skills, mathematics skills, public speaking skills, and he encouraged them to train to take the Career Readiness Certification or CRC. All students at South Lenoir are encouraged to take the CRC and tutorials for this important test have already begun for this school year. The students were very attentive and had many questions about the ability to work at Barnett while attending Lenoir Community College or during Summer break. Some wanted to know what higher level jobs were available for students that planned to attend a four year University. The interest level was very high after Mr. Grant’s presentation and a visit to Barnet is being coordinated so that students can learn more about daily operations within the plant. Several students have requested an opportunity to interview for any potential openings and will be preparing a resume for review by the Barnet Human Resources Department.

The visit by Barnet was a huge success and we will continue to seek additional opportunities to partner with Barnet and other members of the Lenoir County Manufacturers Association for visits to South Lenoir, much like the one that took place today. There are a tremendous number of opportunities for employment that are available to our young people here in Lenoir County. I am very excited about the partnership that has formed with the Lenoir County Manufacturers Association and Lenoir County Public Schools. Due to this partnership, we will now be able to better prepare our students for careers in the local workforce and we can continue to help our students develop the skills that these industries are seeking.